Fundamentals – Main Project – Artist Research

Thought of You

A short 2-D animated film Directed and Animated by Ryan Woodward


Thought of You 00.58

——This is a great film to look at for the 2D animation aspect of my main project plan as well as that of the stop motion within my piece.

Thought of You 01.00 Thought of You 01.01

For the 2D drawn aspect of my film this is a great film to see just how another animator has worked on drawing a dancing figure. Woodward took this task on in a rather abstract way as they form in and out of realistic body shapes, moving together and flowing through the storyline of his short film. It has given them far more life and story I feel than a simple drawn figure as it lasts for the whole song. However since my own film shall be far shorter than this I feel I can get away with animating the realistic movements and body of a female dancer throughout, keeping it simpler to animate in the short time given to us.

Thought of You 00.12 Thought of You 00.13

The actions of how the characters move are very smooth, showing clear use of the fundamentals of animation, which I can take away greatly from the piece. Especially when you look at how the man curls up from the lying down position, this precise use of movement could be very useful within my own movement as the jacket moves up and begins to dance just as Woodward’s character also does.


– Photograph in Feature Image © Ryan Woodward

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