‘War Horse’ Day


Last week, 30th September 2014, was my War Horse day with my university. The day started in a workshop with one of the actor puppeteers from the show itself. It was a great range of work, from warm up exercises to acting and basic puppetry. It was really eye opening to different ways to work and practice with certain tasks.

Then later on in the afternoon we visited the Regent Theatre in Stoke on Trent to have a tour of the stage area and see how they work and see how the props, puppets and costumes are kept behind scenes. Very magical world and getting to see the beautiful puppets up close was most magical of all, they are made so sturdy and yet delicate it is a wonder to see. Getting to see some of the practice runs before the show really got me excited to see the actual show later on in the evening.

“Well that is a beautiful show to say the least. Really powerful and emotional, drawing you right into the story. A real must see.”
This was my initial view on the ‘War Horse’ show when I saw it that evening and still a week later it is just as strong to me. The actors and puppets work together as though they are one or rather as though the puppets are quite alive. You soon forget that the horses are actually three people controlling a puppet and they’re movements become real. You build up an emotional bond with those and their story and of course with such a story as Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse you find yourself emotionally hit a lot by how it pans out. I love how they captured some of the parts within the story such as (Spoilers!) when Captain Nicholls is killed on Joey they lift him up, lit well and drag him back as though pushed back off the horse. It really blew me away and stuck with me, making it a great and powerful move.

Overall I would have to say this play is beautiful and amazing, a definite must see for anyone who loves the theatre or puppets or even seeing something magical and new.


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