2nd Week Research Blog Post

Animation Outside the Movie Theatre
Music Videos.

There is something really magical about animation that everyone can relate to. It something that wouldn’t naturally move coming to life before your very own eyes. And so when a form of animation is used to illustrate a song in the music video it really stands out and catches the viewers eye, I feel this makes a person far more likely to take an interest in the video, watch it and therefore remember the song and artist far more than if it was a typical filmed video. This meaning that the animated music video advertises and sell the song far greater.

Looking at The White Stripes music video for ‘Fell in Love with a Girl’ ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTH71AAxXmM ) you can see a very well worked on Lego stop motion music video. This of which got many views when it was released and so got put on TV frequently, advertising the song and making the band more famous than it was before the release of this video. The video itself is typically showing the band performing this song along with relevant images and actions however the stop motion Lego with minimal CG used makes it far more unique and memorable.


– Photograph in Feature Image © The White StripesFell in Love with a Girl

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