1st Week Research Blog Post

Animation Outside the Movie Theatre
Here are some of the examples we came up with of animations used outside of the movie theatre:
TV Shows
Music Videos
Short Films
Web Animations
Iconography (Logos)
Kids Toys

The main debate however, that we found, was whether these things can actually be classed as an ‘animation’ and so it is important to first identify what animation means before you can truly understand what forms it can take. Many things were discussed such as animation being any inanimate object that you see moving and so becoming animated. Some said it could even be something within your own thoughts that comes to life, like when you read a book and the words become images in your head. We contemplated using a dictionary to define the word itself. However we simply ended the discussion with a basic definition that Animation is something that is sharable (not in our own minds) that gives something the illusion of life. (However each person has their own different view on this and own definition.) This therefore means that the list above of things that could be classed as animations outside the movie theatre are all relatively true and could be used as examples.


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