Summer Project – New University Student

Being that I am going into a new university (Staffordshire University) and studying a new degree (Stop Motion Animation and Puppet Making) in September there is a ‘new students animation’ summer project to complete.
Both projects revolve around the theme of emotions, how are expressions are and we perceive an emotions in others and ourselves. So to start the work towards this I began researching into famous studies in emotions where they have analysed each of them in detail. This therefore gives me a far stronger piece in showing the different emotions for my pieces on each.
What I discovered was for each emotion these were the main features found in people with them:

  • Surprise – wide eyes, open mouth
  • Contempt – wrinkled nose, upper lip raised
  • Happiness – smile, raised shoulders
  • Fear – eyes wide, mouth open, eyebrows raised in center.
  • Anger – furrowed eyebrows, wrinkled nose, clenched teeth, narrowed eyes
  • Sadness – distant look down, tear, slightly open mouth
  • Disgust – wrinkled nose, turned up side of mouth, narrowed eyes

From which I worked on different designs for each emotion to find out what worked best to show these features and emotion. From which I produced the final pieces you see below that express their emotion well.



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