Summer Project – Face Paint

So today I managed to get to actually capturing the animation plan so far. (A day later than thought due to the mistake of miss located face paints.) I start this by setting up the camera, chair and backdrop so as to have everything right before starting on the photography. Taking lots of test shots to make sure it looked right.

And then I began capturing the plan design, face painting across my face and turning ‘skeleton’. I like how this turned out but wasn’t as much detail within the work as I had wanted and so If I work on it again I’ll try do better around the neck and shoulder areas.

And next I brought the hand across my face to peal back to ‘muscle’. This design became far more difficult than had planned as I miss located the red face paint and so I decided to use water colours instead. I like how the colours and detail had turned out when painting it even though the work was not as exact to the real muscle looks of the face. However if I remake this scene of the animation I would try make more accurate and make the neck part less black as I could not see how dark it was until the final look through photos.
And finally I have the snap back to human form which needs a lot of work to line up properly with the previous muscle shot.

And so here is the final piece so far:
Summer Project – Face Paint


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