First Summer Project 2014

So I’ve finally got myself together and started planning a new project, the first (I hope) of this summer. These will just be random ideas and creations for animations that have simply popped into my head from time to time. And so lets begin..

“Face Paint”

This idea mainly began when I got my second tattoo done last week, it got me thinking back to my mixed media film/animation piece ‘Interview’ project on a tattoo apprenticeship I did back in my foundation diploma. I loved working with face paints to produce the tattoo that interviewee had as though being drawn on the skin before our own eyes and working with the words spoken alongside.

And so I thought on producing a more complex stop motion pixelation piece where I worked directly on my own face and have far more going on and a longer length of animation with this style.

From this I came up with my first sketch of images to capture (which I  plan to work on producing tomorrow)

This came from my love of skull makeup and then developed from there, I feel it shall produce a powerful look that I can certainly play around with and enjoy.


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