Final Project – Making

The next stage of my work is now to make those things in which I have designed. The first step being to buy each of the materials, with planning and listing out each of those I would need this took no time at all to sort out, simply a matter of visiting the right shops for such items:

Once these were bought I began molding the items into their needed forms, starting with the ‘Director’ puppet.

WP_20140306_001 WP_20140306_006 WP_20140306_013 WP_20140306_016 WP_20140306_023 WP_20140317_020 WP_20140317_043 WP_20140318_023

I feel these worked out really effectively, showing a lot of promise for a lot of firsts in my making such things.

Next I made the puppet for the Engineer:

WP_20140311_006 WP_20140311_014 WP_20140317_023 WP_20140317_047 WP_20140317_058 WP_20140317_061 WP_20140317_062

Made the props for the set:

WP_20140312_013 WP_20140312_016 WP_20140312_025 WP_20140312_026 WP_20140314_005 WP_20140314_007 WP_20140314_041 WP_20140317_004 WP_20140317_030 WP_20140317_032 WP_20140317_034 WP_20140317_035 WP_20140317_036 WP_20140317_037 WP_20140330_001 WP_20140330_003 WP_20140330_012 WP_20140330_013 WP_20140330_015 WP_20140330_020 WP_20140331_005 WP_20140331_019 WP_20140331_035 WP_20140331_040

And then made a series of bottle props:

WP_20140321_009 WP_20140321_017 WP_20140321_021 WP_20140325_002 WP_20140325_015 WP_20140325_017 WP_20140328_006 WP_20140328_008 WP_20140328_011 WP_20140328_027 WP_20140328_029 WP_20140328_035 WP_20140331_007 WP_20140331_008


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