Final Project – Cutout Animation

Now to begin the animating of my film. The first section of this mixed media piece is that of the cutout animation, to start with the simpler stage first. So taking the characters and their cut separate limbs I began the set up, working out each of the different orders and designs of every shot needed for this section.

Once ready I layered up the characters and their limbs ready to animate, therefore making the later stages of making far easier.

WP_20140325_028 WP_20140325_029 WP_20140325_030 WP_20140325_031

So once set up I began capturing the cutout frames needed for this scene. This started off rough and rather robotic-like. However ended up having far more smooth movements once I got used to the actions again.

The final film itself worked out rather well, with minimal edits really needed to fix up some movements so I was rather happy with this.


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