Final Project – Set and Prop Design

Next step within my film is to design the set and props within the scenes of the animation. To get some good ideas on what to feature within it I asked people for their own worst nightmares and greatest dreams for the research before hand. This worked really effectively as I got a wide range of different things to include, therefore making the piece far more unique.
Including such landscapes as:

  • Beach and Cliffs
  • Forest
  • Sea
  • Darkness
  • Grass / Sunshine

And such props as:

  • Traps
  • Knives
  • Guns
  • Tools
  • Workshop Tables
  • Hook Rack
  • School Bus
  • VW Camper Van
  • Motorcycle
  • Tricycle

I also decided to include some animals within the workshop puppet scene such as a fox, cat, crocodile and dachshund.
I made sure to draw out each thing i needed to make or re-create later on so as to be prepared for each stage. This shall also strengthen the making stage as i will be able to see what I want to make before even attempting to do so.

WP_20140507_001 WP_20140507_002 WP_20140507_003 WP_20140507_004

Overall the designs are rather simplistic and underdeveloped but for the most they are things that i know how they need to look before and so do not need much change to them. However i feel the sets could be improved and worked on more as they generally stay rather simple within the animation.


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