Final Project – Character Design

The next stage of designing my animation film was to look into character designs. This is a rather extensive task as i have a lot of characters I wish to involve within my piece as I plan on filling a cafeteria for one of the scenes.
And so I began contemplating on the sorts of characters one would possibly find within dream and nightmare worlds. Taking the original artist research and producing first some characters of these worlds from those pieces was a great step to getting thoughts flowing; creating such characters as father time, dead reaper woman and the shadow face.

I then began researching into cirque du soleil and the sorts of designs and people that work within that field as this comes up with many patterns and designs that would greatly inspire as they look rather other-worldly as you would expect those of your dreams to look. From these i designed a series of different dream like strange characters, re-designing each of the different features to put together a good combination of them that works most effectively, i feel the final characters therefore improved greatly after this amount of work on them. I also worked further on the artist inspired characters, creating a great array of styles.

Scan 3 Scan 5 Scan 9

For the director character I looked into ring masters of the circus and their suits, taking in the jacket designs and working on each feature to once again greatly develop the styles for this main character. I also worked on the puppet design in how to make the actual puppet later on, from skeleton made with 2mm aluminium wire and then fabrics for the clothes. The engineer is the next puppet character to design and so i worked on each part and stage of it before i got each part right and again with the creator. The characters stage was a great development part which improved only on the work produced.

Scan 1 Scan


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