Final Project – Project Proposal

I decided to go with Idea 2 ‘Dream World’

The concept of my animation piece is looking at the world behind the dreams and nightmares we each have and a look into the fantasy that there is a world that creates it all. The aim is to create the dream world and the characters that occupy them, looking into real people’s dreams and nightmares and re-creating them with the help of research into character designs and films that can help inspire the designs.

My starting plan is to research into such directors as:

  • Terry Gilliam
  • Tim Burton
  • Jan Švankmajer

I shall also be researching things to help with each stage of making my film, such as making animation, storyboarding and sound.
I believe I shall be producing a rather abstract animation of the ‘Director’ of this dream world taking us as the audience on a tour of the places of importance within it therefore introducing us to the people and creation of dreams. This production may develop and evolve as the project goes on but I hope to show it using a range of different animation techniques such as puppet, cut-out and drawn animation, I also look into making the length no longer than 5 minutes as this will get the most amount of quality in my work. I will make sure to document any possible changes and developments within the process of making this film within my reflective journal.


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