Final Project – Initial Research and Ideas

For my final project I knew the sorts of visual style of work I wanted to create from the artists research. I was looking at the styles of work from artists Angel Boligán, Shawn Coss and Zdzisław Beksiński.


These iconic posters show today’s society and lifestyles in a bold and artistic way.


These delicate sketches show great detail within them and have a darkness behind them that draws you right in.


These show great shadows within his paintings and their styles overall are really unique and eye catching.

Each of these show a gothic style and the start of my ideas revolved around these sorts of styles. And so I came up with the two draft ideas needed to hand in for my course:

  1. A music video for a metal band I know, this would be the right style of art and music that work together into making something really unique and artistic. I would first go about collecting footage of the band and capturing the audio of one of their songs performed. Then working off both the actual performance and the words/ideas of the song create animated imagery to go with this.
  2. A fictional ‘Dream World’ where those characters of your greatest dreams and worst nightmares live together and create the worlds you are taken to in your dreams ready to be all sent to your heads. This would be shown with a short film tour of the strange place, visiting the different rooms that produce the dreams and nightmares.


– Photograph in Feature Image © David Anderson, Door (1990)

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