Place – Week 3

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For the final week of this project I had the last stage to complete; the animating and editing together of my characters into the final film. This was where I noticed the problem with my set. It simply wasn’t wide enough to film my characters standing in the landscape shots and so I had to add onto the sides of the set to make it wide enough. This did cause a problem with the continuity as it was rather obviously added on the half of the set in the film. However I did not have enough time in which to deal with this problem and so I have learned for future reference to make sure to know the framing of a shot before finishing the set.
So making sure to have the light change throughout the day obviously shown I had the one left light on for the ‘morning’ of the film where you see the early morning runner jogging past swiftly through the shot. I then had the student character walking through the shot, followed by a mother and pram who sat at the bench for a break. During these shots I had the sun moving across the background of the set until in the middle of the frame when I had both side lights to light the set up.
The next to walk through the shot was that of the dog, running up to the mother at the bench and his owner strolling along behind. They then passed through the shot and the mother also left with her baby in the pram. The next shots were rather a comedy moment as we see a bird fly up to the bench, perch on the side and poo all down the bench before flying off again.
To show some weather change as I turned off the left light on he set and began moving the sun across the background once again I had leaves blowing through the set. The dog walker walked across the shot, this time with the dog following behind him. The student then walked briskly through the shot as though rushing home.
The final character, the homeless man, then walks into the shot and lies on the bench as the sun goes and the lights on set are both switched off and the film ends, showing the day of the park bench.
Overall I feel the film turned out rather well, I certainly liked the animation skill and the rather comical effect of the short film. However I also learned a lot about the framing of the shots as there were many where the camera had moved off the set by accident and I had not noticed until I had captured more shots, by which point it was pretty noticeable in the film. So for my next film I shall know to look out for this when animating.


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