Place – Week 1

This is a project where we had to look into a place and represent it within our own media and storyline. I began this project by brainstorming all the possible places that I could base this film on as of course with such a project it had to be accessable easily to me in case I need to visit it at any point throughout the three weeks of this project. I have to admit, this part was hard. I found myself overwhelmed by the choices and I couldnt really see myself pinning down an actual idea anywhere as there was too much possibility. And so I spent the first half of the week visiting places and pondering on ideas till I finally decided on my place being a park bench. This was because I knew it would mean I could visit it easily and could show a lot of characters within the story that are rather different and yet are all connected by this one thing, this one place that they dont really ecknowledge.

And so the research into a park bench began for the rest of the week as I looked into the most people you end up seeing within the place, I already had decided I wanted the film to be only stop-motion animated with puppets and a proper set and so I had to have the storyline and place sorted and together.

Here were some of the initial photographs I took of the place:

WP_20140114_081 WP_20140114_083 WP_20140114_084 WP_20140114_085 WP_20140114_087 WP_20140114_088WP_20140114_14_15_03_Panorama

From these I worked on some general sketches and mock up drawings to really get and understanding of the shape of the bench itself.


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