Interview – Week 1

This project started with a serious brainstorm of ideas to do with people we could possibly interview within our working groups, I firstly thought of interviewing some international students within the university about how life had changed since they had moved to England for their studies. However this became difficult when our international link left the group. So i thought maybe we could have an interview with the mature students on campus about their experiences and what led them to do this course however in the end our group decided to interview a tattoo apprentice on his experiences as this would be the most unique of interviews we could do.
So we then had to decide on the sorts of questions we would ask of the tattoo apprentice (Matt) and we decided on these 18 questions:

  1. How did you end up doing a tattoo apprenticeship?
  2. What is your preferred art media and how does ink differ?
  3. Was it easy to transfer your skills from pencil to ink?
  4. How do you practice tattooing?
  5. What is it like working along side a tattoo artist?
  6. What are the difficulties working in a real tattoo studio?
  7. What heath risks come with being a tattoo artist?
  8. How much preparation is needed before a tattoo?
  9. How much does the tattoo equipment cost?
  10. What were you doing before you started the apprenticeship?
  11. How did the UCA course help you on the path to where you are now?
  12. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  13. What are your influences in the tattoo industry?
  14. Would you consider tattooing as art?
  15. What tattoos do you have and why?
  16. Do you think you’ll get more tattoos?
  17. How does it feel to get tattooed?
  18. When do you think you will do your first tattoo on a person and do you recon you’ll be nervous?

Our group then filmed the interview at the tattoo studio with Matt himself as the original recording had not worked out. We each took our own roles and I had decided to work on the camera which meant I had to be aware of the framing of the shot and that the sound was all coming through from the mic. All in all the filming went smoothly and we had our interview down for the animation to be added.


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