Place – Week 2

For this week of the project I was working on firstly the set, starting by first making a simple mock bench out of cardboard to make sure I have the size I want against the characters for animating. Here you can see the process of making that:

I believe this worked really well as I knew straight away what size I wanted the real bench to made against the size of the puppets I wanted for animating, otherwise without it the two wouldnt have been to scale and it would have looked rather distorted and oddly shaped in the final film.
Next I began making the real thing from baking clay, here is the process photographed:

I feel that overall the bench turned out rather well from the baking clay and looks much like the real thing with the building up of each part. However if I were to do it again I would make sure to have some metal frame around the hovering parts of the bench (such as the seat beams) so as when its baked in the heat it wouldn’t have bent so much in the heat before turning hard again. This would have made it look more exact and professional a set, however I still believe this has worked rather well.

Next was the the character design, firstly drawing out each of the characters I wished to have within my animation. This was a runner, student, mother, dog walker and homeless man. I designed each part of them, making sure to add on or take away the parts that hadn’t worked as well for what I felt the characters should look like. Once I had these done and dusted I started making the puppets for the animation, the process of which you can see here:

WP_20140123_024 WP_20140123_031 WP_20140124_002 WP_20140124_006 WP_20140124_017 WP_20140124_018 WP_20140124_026 WP_20140124_029 WP_20140124_033 WP_20140125_001 WP_20140125_002 WP_20140125_015 WP_20140127_003

I feel all the different characters were made really well and so will boost the skill and look of my final piece when I animate each of them but it will also show how I can design, make and work with a variety.

This week has progress really well, getting all the making done pretty much for the animating to be done over the final week.


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