Interview – Week 2

The first step of this week was to edit the interview film, getting rid of any of the unwanted questions and bits of speech that didn’t make sense to keep in. This was done by first writing out a transcript of the interview so as to be able to read through it all and visually be aware of the parts that needed to be cut. The main questions to go were that of:

3. Was it easy to transfer your skills from pencil to ink?
7. What heath risks come with being a tattoo artist?
11. How did the UCA course help you on the path to where you are now?
12. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
13. What are your influences in the tattoo industry?
16. Do you think you’ll get more tattoos?

Once that was sorted out I began working on animating the questions that our interviewer asked within the interview. This consisted of printing out the photographs of the ink pots we took from the studio and have the works animated in a series of different ways as though inks from the bottles.

Below are screenshots from a series of the different animations made for each of the questions and answers:

DSC_0138 This was the candy skull tattoo I animated as though being drawn onto my own arm for question 15 about Matt’s own tattoos.

Screenshot from 2013-12-13 23_45_18 This was a print screen from a series where  I looked into the cost of tattoo equipment for question 9.

Emotions (75) Drawn animation for question 17 about  how it feels to get tattooed.

Scan 16 One of the others in my groups frame of the shop looking at the question 1 about how he ended up doing the tattoo apprenticeship.

Frame 1 Another person in my group created this frame for question 5 about working along side a tattoo artist.

DSC_1201 One of the drawings for the beginning where Matt introduces himself.

308 Question 2 on the preferred art media: portraits.

718 A build up of layers I created for the preparation Matt has to do for a tattoo talked about in question 8.

DSC_0752 Mickey tattoo poster, is it art? Discussed in  question 14.

Scan 22 DSCF2372 And finally these are two shots of the animations another in my group created for question 6 about the difficulties working in a real tattoo studio and for question 4 about how they practice tattooing.

Overall this project was a lot of work and a lot of mixed media animation and film all rolled into one interesting interview to watch. If I were to do the piece again I would hope to add more of the drawn animation to my own skin as it links into the tattoo theme really well along with being artistic and interesting.


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