Christmas Project

For this project we had to make a series of three storyboards, showing 5 minutes of a life moment in different focused parts.


One as a ‘visual representation’ which I chose to look at a moment where I went out to a cupboard, collected a j20 and placed on the kitchen table to open with a bottle opener. However I ended up knocking the glass bottle over and had to clean it all up. I showed this rather simply through photographs and picked out the important frames for the final storyboard.


The second was looking at the 5 minute scene through lighting and so I chose to represent the time I was looking to light candles and so I got a lighter out which didn’t worked. Picked out small matches, also didn’t work and so got larger matches which finally lit and so I went round the dining room lighting each of the candles. I showed this through photographs, cut around and then stuck to black card which I then scanned and picked out the main lot to print for final storyboard.

Sound 2

And finally there was the third storyboard that represents the 5 minutes through sound. I chose to show the time when I was decorating my Christmas tree when listening to the choirs sing typical choir like christmas songs before it finished and we put on the Christmas pop songs CD. The change in styles of music being a most artistic change when represented. And so I drew each frame of the storyboard out, neatened them up on Photoshop to then be printed for the final storyboard itself.

Overall I found this a great project to look at the style of storyboards and the different ways you could possibly show them and the stories we come up with. I believe my representations are also rather good and successful so I feel I have done well for the Christmas project. The only thing I would try if I were to do again was to show a more typical film in a more abstract way rather than the normal film shown normal like in my first storyboard or the abstract sequences shown that way in the other two. However overall the final storyboards all look really smart and professional.


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