Interview – Artists Research

This weeks project is ‘Interview’ in which we are to interview a person of interest or someone whom has an interesting story in which to tell. The best way to always start is to look into different pieces of work that filmers and animators have created as their own interview projects.

Going Equipped, Peter Lord, 1987

  • Animating the interviewed character
  • Changing camera angles
  • Captures the light moving as cars pass and the rain drops
  • Rather sinister space
  • Occasionally you are moved in the environments he talks about

War Story, Peter Lord, 1989

  • More comical
  • Showing the story he is telling more than the interviewed man
  • Far more creative
  • Exaggerate the story through the animation
  • Puppet and clay animation

Ryan, Chris Landreth, 2004

  • About the animator Ryan Larkin
  • Very experimental and strange animation style
  • Shows a documentary in a typical way with the interviewer and the interviewed
  • Deconstructed faces showing how broken the characters have become really well
  • Animated flask saying ‘I love you’ and reaching out towards Larkin to show his alcoholism in a clever way

A is for Autism, Tim Webb, 1992

  • No interviewed person shown
  • Many individuals interviewed
  • Mixed media used well as it has real life film and animation within it
  • Draws you into the people’s lives well by showing you just how it is for them in their experiences
  • Animation used to show the things that film cannot show

One Big Hapa Family (Clip 1), Jeff Chiba Stearns, 2010

  • See much of the interview footage
  • More conventional interview with the use of home films and actual footage
  • Brings you straight into his life story
  • Makes more unique with the animation
  • Shows things in a more lighthearted way for the viewers

Photograph of Jesus, Laurie Hill, 2009

  • Very entertaining piece
  • Uses animation to bring the photographs to life, different photographs of people interact with each other
  • Taking the ironic requests at the man’s job
  • Basic cutout animation used in a complex way, having the draws opening and moving around the offices
  • Busy rhythm of the music draws the whole sequence forward


– Photograph in Feature Image © Tim Webb, A is for Autism (1992)

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