Ritual – Week 2

So this was the week I knuckled down and made the actual sequence for this project of ‘ritual’. I started this process by first drawing out a rough sketch out of my story idea, taking a girl in a class, sitting at a desk and with drooping eyes as she begins to daydream. Some thought bubbles appearing as the dreaming begins. This becomes a scene of Venice that the character walks across, then turning into a series of different Venice photographs. Finally ending up with the character asleep in bed and the final title sequence.

The next stage of this process was to design the character, I personally had already known I wanted the character to be female so I designed the different parts that would make up the character such as the face+hair and clothes+shoes in a series of developing figures you can see below. The first being the red head character who was a good one with the interesting hoodie worn, however the colours of the clothing were rather bland and so I developed further onto the blonde character. This one reminded me rather of the character Link from the Legend of Zelda game series, I loved the backpack however I believed this to be too difficult at this stage with the little time I had for this project and so I made the design simpler with the final character design. Therefore having a simple but effective as a character design with interesting hair and bright coloured jumper that draws in attention straight to her.

Once I had the final design right I decided to make the puppet for the puppet animation. I spent a while mixing the right colours together for the skin tone I wanted, it took some time but I really like the result of this work. I then made the head first, a simple ball shape that I added a yellow neck to that began to turn into a jumper with little skin hands popping out and the grey/green trousers connected  to yellow shoe covered feet. With simple details down I drew in the face and added in the parts that could make up the features. And then the black strands of clay I made into the haircut. Overall I found that this model had worked out really well, a vast improvement on the last as the legs are far easier to animate being that they aren’t large and stubby in comparison to the rest, and yet the character is far smaller than any other I have previously made which is always effective.

When I started to animate the puppet in front of my Venice photographs it started off rather rough and sketchy but once I got into the right timings I started to see some vast improvement on my animating skills and the model worked far greater with the movement themselves so you could actually see the inanimate object come to life. I made the puppet walk across the screen, changing the background print-out photograph of Venice every other step she takes so as to look as though she really is moving through the places set. I love how because I printed out the photographs they almost look as though they are paintings or drawn scenes rather than simply just photographs.

The next part I did towards the animation sequence was to create the drawn animation part that goes at the beginning and end of the sequence, of which I chose to do instead of real life filming cause of the thought bubbles I wanted to produce around the character. This would have been a more difficult a task when I haven’t learnt how to use green or blue screen effects yet. And so I started the sequence by drawing out the character before she came to life and then have the camera zoom in as we see her head and eyes droop and the thought bubbles appear as she drifts off into a daydream. I believe this all worked rather well as I tested the different types of things I could show this with. I first thought of doing a series of drawings where I made her become bigger but this distorted the character, completely changing her frame of body.


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