Ritual – Artist Research

Yuval and Merav Nathan

These two have become rather famous for their unique and beautiful animated music videos for various different music artists, the most famous being that of Oren Lavie’s “Her Morning Elegance” and Eatliz’s “Lose This Child” of which you can watch here:

I found such works of animation art truly magical, the way they bring you right into the music, making a story so you have to watch on in wonder of what will happen next. The manor in which they portray the music is also very thought provoking and memorable as each video is something new and different and makes you wonder just how they did it, or rather question how much time and effort went into such work. The married couple are hard workers in their art and each piece of work is something they have started themselves from scratch and know exactly how to work well with the musical compositions they are combined with. Working well of each others strong points and coming from two different art backgrounds makes them a pair whom makes sense to have created such work. This all leading onto why they are such great inspirations to my work and show different ways in which I could push the boundaries of animation or complex them to make such wonderful pieces.


– Photograph in Feature Image © Oren Lavie and Yuval & Merav Nathan, Her Morning Elegance (2010)

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