Animation Workshop – Pixelation Animation

The first task was in which to split into groups to work on a ‘walk cycle’ through photographs, or otherwise known as pixelation animation. The idea was to take a series of eight photographs of a person walking on the spot, each of the four movements on each leg that would give the illusion that the person in walking continuously in a loop on that one spot alone. This task was slightly lost in translation at first but once we had the task correct we discovered the importance of concentration, the need to be totally aware of what action you are wanting to show in your animation and how you are going to show this correctly. It also taught our group the importance of setting as we did not chose a plain background to the shots as we should have, we also needed to be aware of the whole body movements and not simply just the legs within the walk as when the images looped there wasd an almost fall back as the model in the shots moved their body forwards for only one of the shots at the end of the sequence which definitely puts the whole thing out of sync with a loop sequence. The second task here was to create an ‘impossible move’ which was far more entertaining and simple a task, we had one person skating across the ground with no board, a person driving with no car and an ice skater with a jump in the middle. All of which made you think of all the possibilities with such a medium of animation that you cant have with real life film, such things are the reason I find animation so magical, it makes the imaginable a reality no matter how strange or extreme.


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