Fine Art ‘Constructions’

The word is ‘construction’ from which to design and create from in our fine arts class this week. For myself I came up with many an initial ideas.. From food to people to the way animals look and hunt. All being different styles of construction. But the one that really stuck in my mind was that of food. From which I thought of making a stop-motion animation of the construct of fruit.

With such an idea i could bring in and photograph the parts of fruit and put together the movements into the film. Which is exactly how i started, on a light box to create the most interesting and unique lighting for the shots which really drew your attention to the shapes of the fruit on the light. These images all worked really successfully together to make a rather smooth pixelation after that first day of making the video.

DSC_0949 DSC_1059 DSC_1201 DSC_1239

The next step I decided was to draw around the printed last frames of each sequence, making sure to scan the image in at each point to show the drawing actually in the film itself. After which I manipulated the image in a strange way that looked rather interesting for each piece of fruit. For the banana I made the fruit appear to expand, as I also did with the orange. The lemon became filled in with colour and the apple was shaded in but with a great series of lines across the segment. All of which really brought out an artistic style in the piece that I really like.

B (78) O  (37) L  (62) A  (146)

The final film appeared to look really effective and work well, the major improvements that I feel it needs are to add a soundtrack of some sort to the piece and to make the pixelation more smooth by having more photographs but here is the final show here:


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