Film Frames

The ’70s’ decade of fashion, a photo of the first rough sketch up of the frames to be animated as my woman’s action. This project was decided to be used to show the role of the women throughout each decade. For which I researched into what things were like then for women in that decade, from the bright patterned furniture to the strange flowing clothes. I found out some of the famous books from the time on women’s rights and roles in society, such as ‘Sexual Politics’ by Kate Millett or ‘Sisterhood is Powerful’ edited by Robin Morgan. I also found out about National Organization for Women, a fighting group of women for the equality of roles and ability to move on in the future. All of which I compiled into a drawn background to animate my woman figure on top of.


The frames and actions of the animations i planned to make you can see well mapped out above, a fist thrown in the air in a cheer and fight for her rights.

I ended up animating the 80’s decade scene, where the figure dances around on a typical Saturday night dance floor. I made sure to animate each of the different movements that the figure would have taken if in reality and it worked rather smoothly.

Overall the completed film turned out okay, could have been better animated if everyone was prepared and worked together more smoothly. However it was a very interesting project and expressed the decades well so that the others of our class could tell what they were which is always good. The others also found that the work was interesting and unique while rather comical in its way of over-dramatic vision of the decades that shines well through.


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