By Frankie Wright





Girl out on a walk through the park slowly walking, looking sad and watching the ground as she walked. She has a light shade of blue to her skin and bright full white eyes. Shot changes to a side view, seeing more of the park with the light blue ground textures and a grey stone pathway backed with a large long stone wall. We see a small puddle by the path, as she walks next to the puddle and we see there is a yellow light reflecting in the water, contrasting greatly with the blue surroundings. Carlina stops as she notices the odd light, slightly turning head before making way slowly towards the puddle, crouching down in front of it

Close-ups of her face for the first time as she slightly reaches out towards the puddle. A cat meow is heard behind and the shot tilts up as Carlina’s head turns round and up in shock, eye widening and mouth open slightly. We see a bright red cat stood above Carlina on wall, the girl stands and moves towards the wall. The cat leading her to the crack in the wall peering down the wall, meowing as Carlina puts her hand across in front of the hole, letting the light fall across her fingers we see in close-up. She then puts her face to the wall to look through.


We see a large yellow hedge background to the garden shot, straight on with a young boy in football gear in center of garden. He’s playing football, dragging the ball towards him as he kicks it into a juggle of knee-ups before kicking the ball away.


We are back to see previous shot, wide angled to see the cat sat on the wall and the girl below her looking up. She watches the cat as it swiftly walks out of shot left.

Shot moves further along the wall and see there is another crack, this time a red light coming through.  The cat prances into shot as it walks swiftly across, looking down along the wall as does it stops above the crack itself and once again begins meowing. Carlina is quickly keeping up behind her, she rushes up to this new crack when notices it too.

A close-up is seen of her facing this crack in the wall, the red light reflecting on her face, smiling slightly as she presses her face up to it.


The background has a series of plants and trees all in various shades of red in front of a white tall fence. A boy with bright red hair and a deep red jacket is pulling around a watering can, watering the plants from left to right, a series of three different bunches of plants but doesn’t turn from back view.


Back to previous shot, close-up of Carlina we see her smiling once more. A cat meow is heard above and Carlina’s head snaps up in shock, eye widening and mouth open slightly.

Shot pulls back and further down the wall to include a tree in front of the wall left side of shot and Carlina right side of shot. We see a bright red cat stood above Carlina on wall, body facing towards the tree but looking down at the girl before making way off towards the tree. Carlina straightens up and follows the cat along the wall, stopping when the cat does by the tree. The cat bends slightly before stretching out to a jump onto the closest branch of the tree.  Carlina smiles as the cat stretches once more into a long yawn before sitting down on the branch. The girl walks up to the tree and reaches out to the cat, stroking her head softly.

Close-up of Carlina, see her smiling as strokes the cat. We then hear a crowd of people pass by loudly and the noise of the cat’s meow loudly. Carlina turns her head behind and slowly back again, her face turning sad.

Shot back out to show the wall and tree, seeing that the cat has gone. Carlina slowly walks away out of shot to the left.


The girl’s room is very artistic, with obvious handmade quality to it with interesting curtains, drawings and paintings all around the walls and art materials over the desk. Light comes in from the window in front of desk

We see Carlina working at the desk, seen from behind as she is hunched over the desk.

The shot is then taken over the shoulder look at the work, seeing that she is drawing. There is this intricate cat outline on the page in blue ink. She sits back and sighs in frustration.

A close-up of the blue collection of colour utensils around the desk, panning around to them all and ending by Carlina’s hand. We see her fist slam the desk and pencils shudder and roll before we hear the scraping movement out of the chait.

A series of quick close up shots as we see Carlina changing into black clothing and we hear rustling. Then a close up of handle of door, opening and slamming as she swoops out, hearing the sounds of these actions as she does them.


Carlina stands in front of the tree, looking up at the branch the cat had previous been sat on.  She bends her knees as she prepares to jump up, arms and body stretching as she grabs onto the branch, swinging slightly before pulling herself up carefully to the branch.  She then makes her way across and jumps onto the wall.


We see the three coloured segments of places and the walls dividing them, her on the wall looking around at the areas before jumping into Red Garden.


In the garden previously seen, she crouches down in the plants and begins to pick away from them, adding them to her pockets silently. When we then hear a cough come from behind her that makes her fall back as she turns towards the noise. There is a pause as we see them looking at each other, both faces shocked.

Close-up as the boy then puts his hand out towards her, she slowly takes his hand.

Back to wider shot as he helps her up, she looks worried and cold as she brushes arms. He then quickly moves to take his dark red jacket off and pull it over her, she smiles as she reaches out her hand for a handshake. Both smile as they shake hands.




We see Carlina at her desk drawing once again, over the top shot we see her drawing the cat. She is surrounded by red flowers, pastes, powders and paints. She’s wearing the red jacket.

The shot changes to a side angle as we see more of what she is working on and that she is smiling, eyes coloured instead of white now The drawing is also more accurate with the red materials being used to draw the red cat.

Credits come on over the top.



Research and Inspiration


Colour Theory

This was a first stage for my research as I knew the film had a focus on colour and the use of one tone colours. And so began the focus on colour theory and what each of the colours mean, colour schemes and how they are used within films to convey meaning.


Character Designs

I then looked into different character designs that I liked the style of, that really inspired my thinking process on character design. The ones above being for my female character.


Set Designs

When researching for the set designs I looked into both real environments as well as the drawn and crafted. This was the best way to look at realistic environments and colour schemes when thinking about the sets. And then looking into how the style could be created and drawn.


Plants and Flowers

The plant and flower life will be a good builder of the sets and so I looked at the different types of flowers that belong to each of the different colours. Therefore adding to the realism of the set.


FMP Film - Colour - Animatic Frame

A girl bored of her monochrome Blue life, literally so being that she lives in a world of one coloured lands; Blue, Red and Yellow. She discovers her wonder for the other colours of the world when out for a walk in the park, her adventure guided by a bright red cat.

Film Idea and Storyline

This is my final year and so being this is to create my final year film. This is an important part of my student career as this is the main body of work I shall use in the future to advertise my skill sets in job applications. I find my career goals going more towards the making side of the Stop Motion Craft but I wanted to express my animation skills as well as crafting ones in this process. And so to better my crafts and then animation for this film I decided to pass on the character designs to assistance and planned to have all the design stages of the film ready for the beginning of the academic year in September; so as to focus more on the making and crafts when at the facilities of university.

I then of course need to come up with a film concept for this final student film of mine. I knew I wanted to make something artistically eye catching and I liked the idea of a Black and White styled film when coming up with ideas. However this would be far more melancholy and grey in style than I would enjoy using in my film. So the idea of monochrome colour tones came to mind and my film idea was created..

A creative young girl, Carlina, takes a walk through the park in her world of one coloured lands; Blue, Red and Yellow. The girl is bored of being surrounded by one colour and when walking through this beautiful park notices a bright yellow light reflect in a puddle close-by. Walking up to it in wonder we see her reaching out towards the water. In a close-up shot of her we then see a light behind her coming through the wall that divides the two lands. We hear a meow coming from the top of the wall and it leads her to the crack in the wall to look through.
We then see a yellow garden with a young boy character playing football.
Back to see Carlina smiling before hearing another meow from the cat further down the wall, she then walks further along the wall till finds another hole crack.
We see a beautiful red garden with a boy looking after his plants.
Carlina then follows the red cat to the large blue tree, the cat curling up comfortably. Carlina starts stroking the cat. Some noisy people joining the park then grab the girls attention as the cat is then scared off from her perch. The girl then looks sad before snapping head up with an idea rushing home.
In her bedroom now, she is sat at her desk, working on a simple outline drawing of a cat. She is paused in a moment, contemplating what to do as we zoom in on the materials, all of which being blue and not right for colouring a red cat. She then slams the desk, scrapping the chair back as she decides what to do. Quick montage of shots as she changes into black clothing and walks out the door.
We are back at the parks large tree again. Carlina looking up at the the branch before raising her arms, jumping and then climbing the tree to make her way onto the wall.
We see an aerial shot as the girl looks out at the scenery before making her way down into the Red Garden.
When in the Red Garden we see her collecting up plants. With her back to him the boy from earlier in the film turns up and makes her jump when he coughs. Falling back he then sees that she is from blue and takes a step back in shock. But after a pause frozen moment he realises that she is still fallen and helps her up. She looks awkward and cold as she stands in front of him. But he quickly pulls off his jacket and puts around her shoulders. She smiles up at him and then the shot fades away.
The film ends with the girl back at her desk in her room, surrounded by plants and paints as she draws a more accurate drawing of the red cat, she looks happy as she smiles .

Awareness of Target Audience
I feel this film could have a wide audience as it is easily understandable but there can be a deeper meaning to the film seen in an older audience I hope, therefore making it less aimed at a younger audience. I can see this film being the sort one might share on social media.

Directorial Intent
To create a unique and memorable looking film by using these dynamic single tones within each of the different lands of the world. I also want to make a ‘light-hearted’ artistic film that can be read to have a deeper message of acceptance between everyone and to always help others no matter how different from one another we are.

Written Work

This year the written work is of course to be more than it was last year, but in an overall similar outlook. Having the main body of work in the report this year accompanied by a poster and handout to present all the work.

With it being our own choice on what to write about and research into I decided that of course I wanted to look into the Stop Motion medium of Animation. And so in the summer I looked into possible outlooks I could write about and kept coming back to subject of comparing stop motion and computer generated (CG) animation.

And so I began looking into both mediums and what sort of films would work best to compare with each other and finally decided on Lost and Found (Hunt, 2008) and Peter & The Wolf (Templeton, 2006). I also wanted to look at either The Gruffalo (Schuh and Lang, 2009) or The Gruffalo’s Child (Weiland and Heidschötter, 2011) as an example of the use of stop motion medium styles within a cg animation.

I will also be interviewing a person of interest to do with the films and with a knowledge in animated films about their experiences in each of the mediums of animation to compare the two from a professional position.

All accumulating into a well written report on the subject of Stop Motion Animation compared to that of CG animation.

A New Semester, A Final Year

It is odd to think that this year is my final one on my Stop Motion Animation and Puppet Making course at Staffordshire University. It has been years in the making and yet feels like it has crept up on me in no time at all..

This Semester began with an intense weekly tasked project: Three Weeks in October where each week we got a new task to undertake, from which we must make a new animation for each.

Three Weeks in October The Power of 9

Week One: The Power of 9:
To create an animation showing 9 specific positions using the Animation Principles, in an artistic movement style. In my case being Impressionism. It began with research into the art movement itself, looking at what sort of style in entails and the artists that created them. First looking at the book The Art of Impressionism by Callen Anthea which included a great many illustrations of the art movement, with some great details on them each.
From these I looked into the work of Monet and Morisot which many will think of when they hear of Impressionism. I realised at this point I definitely wanted to focus on the nature paintings as this was easier in which to work with. And I finally came across Moss Roses in a Vase by Édouard Manet, a beautiful painting of an old plain vase of light pink flowers. This inspired my Bee Flying piece around this vase.
For this art movement painting each frame would be most ideal, however the continuity of such a piece in this time scale would not realistically work out. And so I decided to make a 3D model and paint this to look as though the painting itself.
And so, crafting together this small piece, and then painting them up brightly like the flowers in the impressionist painting. From which I began animating, using a wire rig for the flying Bee I found it to be a rather difficult task at time, Mostly to get the right sort of movements without knocking anything I shouldn’t within the shot.
Editing of course mostly consisted of rig removal, all of which was done well and within the time scale needed, however some of the magic of the lighting was somehow lost during this process and so I shall have to make sure this does not happen once more within any future endeavours.

Three Weeks in October Onomatopoeia

Week Two: Onomatopoeia:
A word that suggests the sound it describes, using a collection of 6 such words to create a 30sec animation with representation of these words shown through text, picture and sound in a specific film genre style is the weekly task this time. My given film genre was that of Period Drama and so I began by looking into the famous Period Drama film Sense and Sensibility from 1995 directed by Ang Lee.
Specifically I researched into the details: Clothing – delicate simple dresses, bonnets when outside, Shawls. Hair – Tied up styles, curls framing the face. Locations – Grand houses, cottages, parks. And I thought the most common occurrence was that of walks through the parks and so I decided to have a female character do just that during my animation.
And so with this in mind I painted up a park background and made a cutout puppet in the style of the female characters researched. I also made up a background for another cutout puppet bird scene. All of which to simplify the animation process.
And so for each word I animated: Squelch – Footsteps as woman walks through park. Quiver – Woman shakes and moves shawl over shoulders. Chirp – Bird on branch tweeting. Groan – Stretching woman, arm out sideways. Jingle – Playing with necklace. Scratch – Hand scratch to hair. I had assistance from Carolann Dalziel to animate the text factor of the film, making each word look as it sounds.
And once edited all together the last segment to be added was that of sound recordings for each word represented. This is always the hardest task I find to have the sound created as this is not a strongest skill of my own and with a week to do the task was difficult to pass on for assistance.

 Three Weeks in October Sting

Week Three: Sting:
The final week task was to put together a sting for the Animation Department at Staffordshire University in a pair, to a specific piece of music. I worked with Sorena Tamburrini and we decided on this record player piece using frames of a man running, from which the department colours burst out of his body before these arrows take over and are replaced with the Animation @ Staffordshire University Logo. I wanted it to be something unique and eye catching and so this experimental animation/film style will work really well at that and being therefore memorable.
Sorena worked on the animation itself, having this male figure walking and then turn into a run and the department arrows taking over the screen. These worked out really effectively and smoothly animated in a set of frames.
From which I printed and carefully cut to be then stuck to the record player to record on that through film. I also cut out a series of different circles in the department colours to have from the bursting animation part.
All in all the filming process was rather simple, catching a series of different rates to see which would look best when edited together. However the set up of each shot took a great deal of time and concentration and so was the main focus of my process. And when I put the whole film together I felt it lacked something as it didn’t quite seem to start right.
This was how I then cam to add in this ‘intro’ film sequence of me setting up the record player itself within the department, Having the famous animators lightbox as a backdrop. This made the film look far greater and really stand out well on it’s own as a sting for the Department.

Moving Forward

First good news of the week was the fact my personal Business Cards were printed and delivered and they are even greater than I had hoped.

Business Cards

They are greatly unique and show the many crafts and creations of my work throughout many different projects.

I have also been working further on some of my Production Bible work for my Final Major Project Film at University. Lots of Visual Reference work by researching inspirations online to guide my designs. I have also been working further on a basic sketchy animatic to make sure that the film will likely pan out well with the storyline I have in mind. It has been an interesting task to make such things firstly because it is a first step at imagining how such scenes would look. One of my favourite shots I drew was that of one of my ‘Pathway’ scenes with a tree by the wall. I don’t use tablets as much as I do pencil and pen so it’s always interesting to develop such skills. On which I then drew sketches out on top of such frames to see the movements and actions I want to see within the film.

Animatic Pathway